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1. How can an object from a per action repository be called to another per action

2. How you write scripts in QTP? What's the main process in QTP? How do you run
scripts in QTP?

3. What is the command in QTP to invoke IE Brow?
SystemUtil.Run "iexplore"

4. Hi,I am new to QTP, please tell me how to invoke an application in QTP.Forexample:In
winrunner we use

5. differenced between quick test proffesional version 5.6 and 8.2
These are the new features which are available in QTP8.2 and which are not present in 6.5
version.Keyword View: Lets you easily build and maintain tests without writingVBScripts.Auto-
Documentation: Provides improved test clarity and the ability toview test steps in plain
English.Step Generator: Allows

6. How would u manipulate the script so that when the test is run it takes a new login
You can parameterize the values in the Gobal data table sheet, whatever the number of rows you
enter in this data table will instruct QuickTest to run same number of new login name you've

7. How can i add a action (external action) programatically?
You can add an external Action programatically using the CommandRunAction ActionName,
[IterationMode , IterationRange]Before you can use the RunAction statement in the Expert View
for an external action, you must first call or copy the external action into your test by choosing
Insert > Copy

8. How can i call a external action which is not added external action of an action. Means I
want to call
Yes u can do it by copying the Action c to Action A...In QTP 8.2 there is an menu called insert-
Copy of Action...

9. what is meant by SOURCE CONTROL ?
It is used to hold all the bulids of diff versions

10. how and what kind of Vb functions do u use in qtp?
You can use The following functionsAsc Function====CBool Function===CByte
Function===CCur Function===CDate Function===CDbl Function===Chr Function===CInt
Function===CLng FunctionCSng FunctionCStr FunctionHex FunctionOct Function===etc

11. how can u discribe the basic flow of automation with conditional and programatic
Executing of operators flow in the automation code if the question is that then my answer is
===For example: z = 78 * (96 + 3 + 45)There are five operators in this expression: =, *, (), +, and
another +. According to the rules of operator precedence, they are evaluated

U can do it thru Recovery Manager..Eg...Suppose there is an Edit box called Uname n
PWD...Just type in uname n don't enter in PWD..It displays a pop up msg called plz,,enter
PWD...Then stop recording..Goto Recovery MGR and call POPUP exception handling./../

13. How to recall a function in QTP
There also u follow the same procedure. See the sample codeFunction addition(x,y) z= x+y
msgbox zEnd FunctionCall addition(1,2)Call addition(2,2)I think i am clear :)

14. Give one example where you have used Regular Expression?
While validating 'Date format' .

15. How can I implement error handling in QTP, I know with Recovery Mangaer but how
please give me detailed

16. How to select particular value from the combo box in the current page which is
entered in the previous

17. If you have the same application screen with 7 drop down boxes and approximately 70
values how do you Record the 7 test objects (dropdown boxs) and there will be many 70 properties ( and their
associated bvalues) Drop Down Box 1

18. When there is a task that gets repeated in multiple scripts, what do you do in QTP?
Split the action related to that task, make it Reusable & then call that Action as many times as

19. what is the descrirptive progrmaing?.what is the use of descriptive programing?
Descriptive programming is used to identify the objects that are not/cannot be stored in the object
repository. Descriptive programming can be implemented by creating and using a Description

20. I Have an interview in Qtp..Please could any one give me the hints what will they ask in

21. How to instruct QTP to display errors and ther description in the test results instead of
halting execution Make use of Reporter.Reportevent eg.var=statementif var="True" ThenReporter.Reportevent
0,"Step Name","Description of the Passed step"elseReporter.Reportevent 1,"Step
Name","Description for the failed step"End IfI hope thats it :)

22. How you write scripts in qtp?what's the main process in qtp?How do you run scripts
in Qtp?Please anyone

23. What is descriptive programming?
Please see Questions Number 13 for answer. Its just 4 Questions above this questions. You can
find answer there.Thanks, Venkat

24. How to add run-time parameter to a datasheet?
Try using this line of code.DataTable("Col Name",dtGlobalSheet/LocalSheet)="Col Value"The
only disadvantage with tihs code is, u will be able to see the parameter till the script is running,
once stopped the parameter will vanish from the data table.

25. how to load the *.vbs or test generating script in a new machine?
Execute File statement can be included as part of the test script inorder to execute the vbs files.

26. how can u write a script without using a GUI in QTP?
GUI in Qtp?do you mean to say Object repository?without OR,tester need to write descriptive
tests,where you would directly assign property values and write do not need to save

27. How can we write scripts without having GUI(means u dont have any GUI and u want
to write a script in

28. Can we update the database though Qtp.

29. I am using the QTPlus Repositories Merge Utility to merge all my different repositories
into a single
Merge Utility have a lot of problems, try don't use this for file biggest the 8 MB

30. if a error occur during the excution of QTP script. how can we get the name of the
current object that
Use Err.descriptionExample. msgbox "Error:"&err.description

31. What is the procedure to test flash applications using QTP?

32. how to fetch test data from Database by using QTP?
In order to fetch test data from Database we have to create a adobdb connection object to
connect with data base. the syntax is .... >CreateObject("Adodb.connection").

33. how to handle java tree in QTP
first of all we need to have a java add-in to handle a java tree.In tools option we have the "object
identification" drop down list.There we have the java option to recognise the objects there select
the tree option.Add the properties to be recognised.Then the QTP will start

34. what if storage limit of shared object repository exceeds its limit(2 MB).how this kind
of situation One can use advanced object repository Editor from Sirus SQA

35. Explain as to how would you design the driver code for a keyword based test script.

36. Testing > QTPWhich feature of QTP would you like to improve ?How would you go
about implementing it ?(This

37. How can we do the Frame work in QTP

38. how many types of recording modes in QTP?describe each type with an example
where we use them?
3 types of recording modes in QTP.1.norma 2.analog mode 3.low level recording mode.pls
describe where we use them exactly..

39. What is the file extension of the code file & object repository file in QTP?

40. I want to open a Notepad window without recording a test and I do not want to use
SystemUtil.Run command
Another alternative to open a notepad is to use ShellObject. Check out with the following
example:Dim aSet a = WScript.CreateObject ("") "notepad.exe"

41. How many types of Actions are there in QTP?
In qtp 3 types of action r there 1)re-usable2)no-reusable3)Nested

42. How to do the scripting. Is there any inbuilt functions in QTP as in QTP-S. Whatz the
there's an in-built functionality called "Step Generator" in Insert->Step->Step Generator -F7,
which will generate the scripts as u enter the appropriate steps.

43. Explain the concept of object repository & how QTP recognises objects?
with QTP 8.2 ,there available QTP Plus,setup.It provides Repositories Merge Utility.The Object
Repository Merge Utility enables user to merge Object repository files into a single Object
repository file.

44. How do you data drive an external spreadsheet?
Import from External Spreadsheet File by selecting Import then From File . Which imports a
tabbed text file or a single sheet from an existing Microsoft Excel file into the table. The sheet
you import replaces all data in the currently selected sheet of the table, and the first row in the

45. IF we use batch testing.the result shown for last action that how can i get
result for every
click on the icon in the tree view to view the result of every action

46. How to handle dynamic objects in QTP?
Using GETRO Property we will handle the runtime objects.

47. Can you do more than just capture and playback?
Yes you can do more than capture/playback. Descriptive Programming is the answer to this
question. We can write scripts without recording and it would still work fine.

48. How to handle the exceptions using recovery secnario manager in Qtp?
There are 4 trigger events during which a recovery scenario should be activated. They are A pop
up window appears in an opened application during the test run. A property of an object changes
its state or value. A step in the test does not run successfully. An open application fails

49. What are the Features & Benefits of Quick Test Pro(QTP)..?
Operates stand-alone, or integrated into Mercury Business Process Testing and Mercury Quality
Center. Introduces next-generation “zero-configuration” Keyword Driven testing technology in
QuickTest Professional 8.0 — allowing for fast test creation, easier maintenance, and more
powerful data-driving capability

50. How does Parameterization and Data-Driving relate to each other in QTP?

51. Explain in brief about the QTP Automation Object Model.

52. What is a Run-Time Data Table? Where can I find and view this table?
The test results tree also includes the table-shaped icon that displays the run-time Data Table—a
table that shows the values used to run a test containing Data Table parameters or the Data
Table output values retrieved from a test while application test run.

53. What are the different scripting languages you could use when working with QTP ?
This will also support java script, but i hve not tries refer Quick test plus help for each function
they have give code in vbs and js.

54. How do you test siebel application using qtp?
In SWE section u need to addAutomationEnable = TRUE and at the same time you need to use
SWECmd= AutoOn in the URL

55. How the exception handling can be done using QTP
Recovery scenario manager provides a wizard that guides you through the defining recovery
scenario. Recovery scenario has three steps 1. Triggered Events 2. Recovery steps 3. Post
Recovery Test-Run

56. What is the difference between check point and output value.
additional comment on Above comment:An output value is a value retrieved during the
runsession and entered into runtime table or data table subsequently it can be used as input
value in your test.

57. What are the properties you would use for identifying a browser & page when using
descriptive programming
Logical Name of BrowserLogical Name of Pagee.g. Browser("myBrowser").Page("myPage")

58. What projects have you used WinRunner on? Tell me about some of the challenges
that arose and how you
pbs :WR fails to identify the object in gui. If there is a non std window obk wr cannot recognize it
,we use GUI SPY for that to handle such situation

59. Differentiate the two Object Repository Types of QTP.
In Qtp there are 2 object repositories, they are1.Shared Object Repository2.Per Action Mode,by
default it's per action mode.we will use shared OR for calling a particular action,it's like calling
external libraries.we will use per action for a particular action ie, for one action only.

60. Explain the concept of how QTP identifies object.
During recording qtp looks at the object and stores it as test object.For each test object QT learns
a set of default properties called mandatory properties,and look at the rest of the objects to check
whether this properties are enough to uniquely identify the object. During test run,QT

61. What is the difference between Call to Action and Copy Action.?
when u insert a call to action,they r read only in the calling test.It can be modified in the original
test.where as come to copy action,you can make changes to the copied action,your changes will
not effect the original action where it created.

62. have you ever written a compiled module? If yes tell me about some of the functions
that you wrote.
functions for Capturing the dynamic data during runtime. Function used for Capturing Desktop,
browser and pages.

63. Explain what the difference between Shared Repository and Per_Action Repository
In Shared reporsitory, one object is used in more than one actions and in per action reporsitory,
everytime in every action, objects are stored differently and are not shared.

64. Discuss QTP Environment.
QuickTest Pro environment using the graphical interface and ActiveScreen technologies - A
testing process for creating test scripts, relating manual test requirements to automated
verification features - Data driving to use several sets of data using one test script.

65. What the differences are and best practical application of each.
Per Action: For Each Action, one Object Repository is created. Shared : One Object Repository
is used by entire application

66. Few basic questions on commonly used Excel VBA functions.
common functions are: Coloring the cell Auto fit cell setting navigation from link in one cell to
other saving

67. Explain the keyword createobject with an example.
Createobject:Creates and returns a reference to an Automation object.Example:Dim
ExcelSheetSet ExcelSheet = CreateObject("Excel.Sheet")

68. How long have you used the product?

69. How to use the Object spy in QTP 8.0 version?

70. Give me an example where you have used a COM interface in your QTP project?
com inteface appears in the scenario of front end and back end.for eg:if you r using oracle as
back end and front end as VB or any language then for better compatibility we will go for an
interface.of which COM wil be one among those intefaces.

71. what is the use of Text output value in Qtp?
Answer posted by shreethik on 2005-06-09 08:36:38: Output values enable to view the values
that the application talkes during run time.When paramaterised, the values change for each
iteration.Thus by creating output values, we can capture the values that the application takes for
each run and output

72. Where can I get Quck Test pro(QTP Pro) software.. This is Just for Information
purpose Only.
Introduction to QuickTest Professional 8.0, Computer Based Training: Please find the step to get
QuickTest Professional 8.0 CBT Step by Step Tutorial and Evaluation copy of the software. The
full CBT is 162 MB. You will have to create account to be able to download evaluation copies of
CBT and Software.Click

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