Saturday, July 12, 2008


1. what SQL statements have you used in Database Testing?
2. How to test data loading in Data base testing
Using with Query analyser.
3. What is way of writing testcases for database testing?
For writing test cases in Database first one should define the project name, then module,Bug
number,objective,steps/action undertaken,expected result,actual result, then status, priority and
4. What is Database testing?
5. What we normally check for in the Database Testing?
In DB testing we need to check for, 1. The field size validation 2. Check constraints. 3. Indexes
are done or not (for performance related issues) 4. Stored procedures 5. The field size defined in
the application is matching with that in the db.
6. How to Test database in Manually? Explain with an example
We should also check the non editable fields thru databasefor example,If a field is non editable
via front end, then the user should not be allowed to add a record thru database also
1. How do you rename all of the jobs to support your new File-naming conventions?
2. Does the selection of 'Clear the table and Insert rows' in the ODBC stage send a
Truncate statement to the DB or does it do some kind of Delete logic.
3. Tell me one situation from your last project, where you had faced problem and How did
u solve it?
4. The above might rise another question: Why do we have to load the dimensional tables
first, then fact tables:
5. How will you determine the sequence of jobs to load into data warehouse?
6. What are the command line functions that import and export the DS jobs?
7. What is the utility you use to schedule the jobs on a UNIX server other than using
Ascential Director?
8. How would call an external Java function which are not supported by DataStage?
9. What will you in a situation where somebody wants to send you a file and use that file
as an input or reference and then run job.
10. Read the String functions in DS
11. How did u connect with DB2 in your last project?
12. What are Sequencers?
13. How did you handle an 'Aborted' sequencer?
14. What are other Performance tunings you have done in your last project to increase the
performance of slowly running jobs?
15. How did you handle reject data?
16. If worked with DS6.0 and latest versions what are Link-Partitioner and Link-Collector
used for?
17. What are Routines and where/how are they written and have you written any routines
18. What are OConv () and Iconv () functions and where are they used?
19. How did u connect to DB2 in your last project?
20. Do u know about METASTAGE?
21. Do you know about INTEGRITY/QUALITY stage?
22. Explain the differences between Oracle8i/9i?
23. How good are you with your PL/SQL?
24. Did you work in UNIX environment?
25. What other ETL's you have worked with?
26. What versions of DS you worked with?
27. What is DS Designer used for - did u use it?
28. What is DS Administrator used for - did u use it?
29. What is DS Director used for - did u use it?
30. What is DS Manager used for - did u use it?
31. What are Static Hash files and Dynamic Hash files?
32. What is Hash file stage and what is it used for?
33. Have you ever involved in updating the DS versions like DS 5.X, if so tell us some the
steps you have taken in doing so?
34. Did you Parameterize the job or hard-coded the values in the jobs?
35. How do you merge two files in DS?

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Anjani Darshan said...

database testing is nothing but backend testing.
if we want to check all your datatable details means we have to good knowedge about all ddl comments
the ddl cover coment.
select ,delete,insert,update and all type of joins